Complete Portfolio Management


Before the 2008 Financial Crisis, BOULEVARD's portfolio models were operated in a bank brokerage.  Today, the bank no longer exists.  The Signature Six portfolio models, however, have seen millions in new assets every year.  


In late 2013, Alpha Investment Advisors, Inc., and Boulevard Wealth Management, LLC merged, providing Boulevard’s portfolio models with full-service overlay management. The merger also

increased Boulevard’s Midwestern presence as a full-service portfolio management firm, providing conservative, separate account management expertise for its key clients. For more information, connect to Portfolio Advisory Services.

Values-Driven Life Planning

The 2010 release of the Life Cycle of Wealth life planning model established BOULEVARD as a life planning leader. Life Cycle™ open framework provides a basis for decision-making that is simple, objective, and recurring across generations. It presupposes a fiduciary standard for advisors, and requires a life-long risk management viewpoint for clients. For more information, connect to Personal Advisory Services.

Custom Risk Underwriting

In 2014, BOULEVARD expanded its risk management capabilities with the addition of independent insurance agency, Villars Midwest, to its core operations. The integration with Villars

Midwest brought BOULEVARD clientele support for risk transfer strategies within their plans, including pre-policy comparisons, pre-underwriting, and policy audits. For more information, connect to Insurance Advisory Services.

Risk Management for Business

In 2018, BOULEVARD launched its business advisory services platform for business owners and their families to receive business-level advice linked to their personal financial plans. The offering continues to evolve, but includes financial and operational analysis, budgeting, forecasting, and economic modeling.  Valuations, qualified retirement plans, executive compensation, key employee retention, and succession planning are available to families with established business interests looking to minimize short-term challenges and maximize long-term profitability. For more information, connect to Business Advisory Services.